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Tuabin Rotation Lens Cleaner

The contact cleaner case is adopted by turbine rotary technology ,effectively wiping off the tear protein and small particles from the lens within a short time and thus,thoroughly cleaning the lens without damage,letting each contact lens enjoy more clear cleaning care.It is the most suitable for soft lenses.Note:This product need to be replaced once every 3 months to keep your eye safe and clean.

What You Get

ontact lens solution is useful, but it hardly ever removes protein, lipid, and crystallization which blocking the breathable holes. UpaClaire contact lens cleaner machine with the combination use of the contact lens solution, not need to let the lens soak for 6 hours or overnight, this would have better effectiveness, helping to clean thoroughly.

High frequency & Fast Vibration Technology

( ⚠Note:You need to press the key twice to start working.)The contact lens cleaner is adopted by high frequency & fast vibration tech,effectively wiping off the tear protein and small particles from the lens within a short time and thoroughly cleaning the lens without damage.The design of the anti-vibration washer on the bottom can make the noise lower,letting each contact lens enjoy more intimate cleaning care.

Portable&Cute Contact Cleaning Kit

With the 3inchs small size and exquisite design from the outside of the contact lens cleaner,it is the most suitable for families,travel, work, business trips and other occasions.You can carry with it into your backpack, pocket, handbag and makeup bag.

USB Charging Portable Lens Cleaner

This kind of contact cleaner machine can be charged via USB cable. You can connect all kinds of computers,mobile phones and power banks. It could be used for nearly 30 days once it is completed charging for 2 hours.


I Really Really Love It!

This is a washing machine for contacts! I never knew how much I needed something like this. Its really easy to use BUT make sure you're pushing the buttons TWICE to turn it on! I thought mine was broken for the longest - til I finally read the directions and discovered that one push of the ON button isn't sufficient. It runs for 3 mins and once done your contacts are clean. Youll fill it with lens cleaning solution. I like it, it works for me.

Sarah Steele

Absolutely Brilliant!

This compact contact cleaner uses vibration to gently agitate the contact lens to remove dust and debris. I found it to be useful and it did a good job. It is easy to place your contact in the compartment making sure not to pinch the lens when you close it firmly. I haven't had any issues with the lens baskets vibrating open while in use. Each basket is clearly marked right and left as well. I use it mainly for those occasions where I just can't seem to get some tiny "something" off my contact lens. I'm not sure how useful it is at removing tear protein but I think using it three times a week is worth trying. Happy with the item!

Alicia Robertson

I Really Really Love It!

Does exactly what it has been designer for. I tried it on lenses that had been staying for 2 days in a case, after it stopped washing a lot of small dirty particles were floating in the liquid. recommended! I'll definitely buy other colors too

Cerys Green


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Ultrasonic Contact Lens Washer

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    Is this contact lense cleaner machine easy to use? What should I pay attention to when using it?

    I have used it for several time,I think it is easy to use and so far so good.It will stop automatically after 3 minutes work.

    I wonder If it can be used for the soft contact lenses?

    I have bought this contact lens cleaning machine to clean my soft lens and it is workable.I think it can be also used for the hard contact lenses,RGB lenses or ok lenses.

    Can this contact lens cleaner be charged?Does it contain a charging cable?

    Hi~Yes,it could be charge for 2 hours and used for about 30 days.The product packaging is containing a usb charging cable,which is very easy to use.

    Whether the eyeglass storage organizer of PU leather material is easy to peeling?

    no, sunglasses organizer case made of PU leather is very soft, not peel.

    What is the product size?

    It is about 1.6×3 in,suitable for traveling and outdoor activites.