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Are you tired of your lifeless hair and could you give your hair a refresh? With the BetterNBeyond Airflow Curler 5-in-1 curling iron you can create the most beautiful curls and waves, as well as smooth and soft hair! And all this with just one multifunctional unit

Preformed nozzle

Dry hair quickly and prepare it for styling

Soft and smooth comb

Straight styling with less frizz. Soft, spherical comb teeth for gentle scalp massage.

Cylindrical comb

Creates a soft effect, can also be rolled into natural waves

Curling iron 2x30mm

Roll in two directions, one to the left and one to the right. Creates styling effects of volume curls and large waves

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Are you tired of your lifeless hair and could your hair use a glow up? With the Flawless 5 in 1 Airflow Curler™ you can create the most beautiful curls and waves, but also straight and smooth hair! And all this with only one multifunctional device that is suitable for all hair types! So throw out your old hair dryer and curling iron and treat yourself to the latest technology in hairstyling!

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The powerful V9 motor releases airflow with which the 5 in 1 Curler styles your hair! The airflow is gentle on your hair unlike the regular hot curling irons that damage the hair. The unique airflow technology combined with the ceramic elements on the included attachments ensure that your hair remains super healthy, fizz-free and feels silky soft!


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The air wrap technology makes it super easy for you to style your hair. The air pressure puts your hair around the Flawless 5 in 1 Airflow Curler by itself. The annoying wrapping of the hair around a hot curling iron is now a thing of the past!


✓ All-in-1-device - You can create any look you want with the 5 included attachments! You can create the most beautiful curls and waves. But you can also straighten, dry and brush your hair. Endless possibilities, but all in 1 device!

 Airflow technology - By using the lastest airflow technology, the Flawless 5 in 1 Airfllow Curler™ is gentle for your hair, unlike other curling irons that easily damage your hair. The hot airflow is evenly directed by the powerful V9 air motor, for the safest hair style experience.

✓ For all hair types - Suitable for different hair textures and lengths, thanks to the different temperature settings. You can create all different waves and styles like a real pro!

 Smart heat control - The Flawless Airflow Curler™ has 3 heat settings, so you can always use the perfect temperature on your hair. Even if your hair is fine, brittle or colored, you can safely curl and style your.

✓ No damage Because of the built-in heat sensor, the 5 in 1 Airflow Curler™ never gets hotter than 120 degrees and keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Even if you curl your hair every day, your hair is protected from damage.

 Easy to use - The airflow technology helps you to wrap your hair around the curler so that you're ready in seconds!

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The Flawless 5 in 1 Airflow Curler™ is extremely versatile and therefore the must-have for your hair! It combines 5 application possibilities in one device:

  • Straighten

  • Curls

  • Waves

  • Drying

  • Brushing

The Flawless 5 in 1 Airflow Curler

  • Protects your hair! With the built-in heat sensor, the 5 in 1 Airflow Curler never gets hotter than 120 degrees and keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

  • Is a multifunctional styling tool for drying your hair as well as styling/curling.

  • Is an absolute must-have for every woman ;) !

  • Easy to take on trips


I have very dull and lifeless hair but would so love to have at least some volume. I discovered the 5 in 1 styler through an ad on Facebook and the good stuff looked really promising and now the most important thing: I must say it exceeded all my expectations! It is so easy to use! I can curl and dry my hair at the same time, which saves a lot of time. It doesn't take long at all to get the curls in and my hair looks super shiny! I finally have my voluminous curls!



Curling my hair only takes a few minutes with this device, so I can do it every day without effort. My hair still feels so healthy even after a few months of doing curls almost every day, so I really recommend it. Really a great alternative to the expensive competing products!


    Accessories included:

    2x30mm barrels, brush to smooth the farm, brush to clean the filter, blowing attachment

    AC 220V-240V with EU AU UK plug, 50/60Hz

    Heat settings:

     - 0: Off

     - Level 1: Moderate temperature for gentle drying and styling

     - Level 2: High temperature for fast drying and styling

     - Level 3: higher temperature for fast drying and styling

    1. Voltage: AC 220V-240V with EU AU UK plug, 50/60Hz

    2. 5 in 1 interchangeable hot air brushes

    3. Strong power and less noise, easy to lock in your style. Fast drying.

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    Package list:

    2 x Curling iron

    1 x Host

    1 x Gathering wind nozzle

    1 x Frictionless comb

    1 x Roller comb

    1 x Manual.


    1️⃣ How is this curling brush? is it easy to carry?

    Yes, its weight is 780 grams, which is easy to carry. You can take it with you on trips or to the gym

    2️⃣ Does it have heat protection? Is it easy to style the hair?

    Yes, that's right, when you use air for styling, your hair automatically rolls up along the airflow for easy styling.

     3️⃣ Are there several adjustable levels or just one?


    The 5 IN 1 Hair Dryer Professional has 3 heat settings so you can always choose the perfect temperature for your hair. Even if your hair is fine, brittle or colored, you can safely curl and style it.

    4️⃣ This multifunctional 5 in 1 hot air brush hair dryer is suitable for all hair types?

    Yes, be sure to buy and use,


    Suitable for different hair types and lengths due to different temperature settings. You can create all different waves and styles like a real pro!

    5️⃣ What can you do to make your hair last?

    Use hairspray or apply mousse to hair first.



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