What Makes BnBQuiet Better?

BnBQuiet targets the cause of snoring and allows for precise jaw advancement to open the airway. For comfort and effectiveness it provides a custom impression of your teeth. A 30-night money-back guarantee and a 2-year warranty is also included.

Adjustable Lower Tray with Teeth Impressions

BnBQuiet's patented design combines soft, moldable plastic to perfectly fit your teeth with a thin but comfortable plastic shell to minimize size -- but not performance.

Adaptable Design, Fits Anyone’s Mouth

BnBQuiet's innovative design can accommodate virtually any bite type without bulky, complicated adjustment mechanisms.

Works the First Night

Ever buy a "snoring cure" and then wonder if it's really working? With BnBQuiet, the difference will be immediate and very obvious!

2-Year (NEW) Unconditional Warranty

Used by Dentists for 20 Years

BnBQuiet was invented by a dentist and a physician. They and other doctors used it in their practices, but now BnBQuiet is available to consumers -- without a prescription!

Hundreds of Thousands Of Happy Customers

For 9 years we've strived to help snorers get better sleep with effective and affordable snoring solutions. With close to half a million satisfied customers, BnBQuiet is one of the world's top snoring solutions.